Photography & Digital Services

Western Skies Photography & Image Services include a high level professionalism and quality. We offer packages that can be tailored to any needs whether it is photographing your next event, restoring priceless images passed down over the generations, helping create quality images for your online business or converting your box full of slides to digital format. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions of a free cost quote today!

Event Photography

Capture your next event with professional event photography driven by a full digital workflow. We use quality professional series equipment and software during all our events with a quick turnaround. We can customize this service to meet the demands of your event including marketing materials, web sites, prints, gift idea, post cards for future events and more. All photos include basic digital light room adjustments and retouching if needed.

Western Skies will customize your event from start to finish with options like including event logo on photos and key wording or other meta data! Use your event photos for your next brochure, web site or other marketing needs and continued event success!

If you have past event photos that you need us to touch up, reproduce or convert to digital copy, Western Skies offers the workflow for you. We are excited to join your team and build a full service solution around your needs. Let us take care of all your event and venue design, management and logistical needs while you concentrate on the important aspects of your event.

Product Photography

When selling products online or through a catalog, you are quick to find the importance of excellent product photography. If you have tried this yourself you probably know it takes an understanding of light, reflection, color and story-board composition to get a photo that truly represents the simplest of products. A photo of a product needs to catch the customer’s eye and get them excited to know more and buy now.

Many online retailers that close shop will often say the lack of interest in their product often contributed to ultimately shutting things down. Yet often times it is the same product that other successful sites are selling. In a ‘brick and mortar’ store people can touch and feel most items but online they rely on descriptions and product photography. Product Photography is not just for new items never photographed before. If you are trying the separate yourself from the crowd and show another level of professionalism and consumer trust, taking unique high quality product photos is a must.

For example: If you saw a product you liked but it was on a site you had never heard of, you are more likely to start looking for that product on a trusted site. But if that new site has its own original photographs of the product, instead of the stock wholesale images, you start to trust they are an authority on that item and care about their business, products and customers.

Product photography is vital to online and catalog sales and can be a great tool that sets you apart from your competitors. Large studios charge fees that are unfortunately non-cost effective for most catalog and internet stores. This is where hiring an internet product photographer makes sense as we can offer the high quality you expect but at a price you can afford.

Digital Photography Conversion

When taking photos, in most cases we are capturing memories to preserve for the future. Though whether you are still shooting with a film camera or have a box full of memories you would like to protect for generations to come. We focus on providing high quality digital formatting by delivering the safe, affordable, hassle-free services. You can be assured that your photos and digital images are securely processed, stored and delivered back to you quickly and professionally. We also provide you with options for your favorite photos which can be perfect for birthdays, holidays or special events. This includes shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, posters, postcards, mugs, coasters, desktop organizer, playing cards, photo-stickers and much more.

Photograph Restoration & Retouching

Transform your old photographs back into wonderful memories. We all have those photographs passed down from generations which we would love to pass on to the next generation. We often place them somewhere safe which means these priceless images are not out where they can be shared. Digital software’s have changed the face of art photography and the same methods used in these processes and others like photo-simulations can now restore your old damaged photos. With over 20 years experience using these methods, Western Skies has the skills to retouch and restore most any image.

Your photographs can now be restored to their original state without altering the original. Colors, dust, white balance adjustments, water stains and contrast are among a few of the modifications that can be made to old photos. We can alter photos new and old to remove blemishes, a car in the background, people, scars and more. Only pay for image you have approved as we fully guarantee our photo restoration & retouching services.

Digital Document & Content Conversion

As organizations strive to become leaner in this ever changing business environment, content professionals are under increased pressure to provide more innovative and cost-effective solutions for their content processing needs. Let us assist you in organizing and archiving valuable information as well as reducing time by allowing the reuse of previously released documents, maps, images and more.

Converting information benefits more than just your marketing staff. Organizations are managing substantial amounts of information and are often held to strict government imposed regulations. Document conversion allows corporations to remain compliant as well as infuse a greater degree of file organization and document accessibility in their day-to-day operations.  Document conversion provides:

  • Fast and easy access to information
  • Consolidation of electronic documents
  • Searchable content for retrieval of documents of any format in record time
  • Reduction of storage space, greater productivity with increased profits
  • Secured data with multi-user accessibility
  • Elimination of costly storage